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About Us

Bowyard Partners is more than just a law firm. We are a new-age and niche-focused team we leverage legal and business awareness to provide legal services through collaborative, tailor-made thinking. With a strong industry focus on infrastructure, our approach seamlessly integrates in-depth knowledge of assets, regulations, local markets, and global practices to deliver unparalleled results for our cleints.

Our Practices

At Bowyard Partners, we take pride in our robust sector strengths across various practice areas, ranging from Corporate and Commercial to Energy and Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Foreign Investment, Shipping and Maritime, Commercial Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Project Finance.

Corporate & Commercial

Our corporate and commercial practice provides support to start-up and matured companies and businesses across a broad spectrum of their operations.

Energy & Natural Resources

We have a vibrant energy practice that advises energy project developers, operators and regulators on the entire lifecycle of energy projects across different fuel sources.

Governance & Compliance

We ensure adherence to regulations, risk mitigation, and ethical practices through tailored strategies and proactive measures for lasting corporate integrity.

Transportation & Maritime

We advise on transportation infrastructure, ranging from roads, bridges, airports, and ports, including regulatory compliance and project development, cargo transport, maritime operations, etc.

Technology & Telecommunications

Our expertise in Technology & Telecom enables us to advise clients on licensing, compliance, data protection, contractual matters, etc.

Disputes Resolution

We specialize in comprehensive disputes services — prevention, strategic management, and resolution through mediation, arbitration and litigation to resolve commercial disputes.

Vision & Values

We aspire to redefine the legal industry's standards through innovation and a relentless commitment to our clients. Our vision is to establish ourselves as a trusted legal partner, known for delivering exceptional, tailor-made solutions that empower our clients to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape with confidence and success.
  • Innovation & Adaptability
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Integrity & Ethics

Consultation and Needs Assessment

Our services are designed to identify your specific needs and objectives, conduct a thorough legal analysis to assess potential risks and opportunities, work closely with you to formulate a tailored legal strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Tailored Legal Solutions

With a clear understanding of your business, we craft a comprehensive plan to address your specific needs. Our experienced attorneys will diligently execute the strategy and work proactively to mitigate risks, optimize legal compliance, and create opportunities for growth.

Ongoing Support & Collaboration

Our commitment to your business doesn't end with the resolution of immediate issues. We offer ongoing monitoring and support to adapt to changes in the legal landscape and your business needs. Our team remains accessible and responsive to your inquiries, providing timely advice and guidance whenever required.

Serving Startup & Matured Companies

At Bowyard Partners, we have a profound appreciation for the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of businesses, from promising startups brimming with innovation to well-established, matured companies with a rich history of success. Our commitment to serving this wide spectrum of enterprises is at the core of our practice. We offer seasoned expertise to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise as your business evolves. We partner with you to enhance operational efficiency, compliance, dispute resolution, and strategic growth. Our tailored solutions are aimed at strengthening your market presence and maintaining your legacy. We believe that every business, regardless of its stage of development, deserves exemplary legal support. Whether you're just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or looking to elevate your company to new heights, we are here to champion your legal needs and help you achieve your corporate ambitions.

Innovation in Action

Bowyard Partners proudly stands at the forefront of legal innovation, exemplifying our commitment to transformative progress. Our recent success is not just a story; it is a testament to our dedication to walking the talk. We are recently involved in pioneering the development and implementation of an Artificial Intelligence system, a groundbreaking solution that not only automates the recording and transcription of court proceedings but also revolutionizes e-filing and case management in the Nigerian judiciary. This tangible achievement speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to push boundaries, marking the beginning of a new era in reshaping the future of legal practice.


At Bowyard Partners, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the heartbeat of our practice. Embracing the spirit of progress, we are committed to redefining the landscape of legal services by consistently exploring novel avenues to serve our clients better.

Pioneering Solutions

Bowyard Partners upholds an the legacy of innovation, pushing boundaries and revolutionising service delivery with a commitment to excellence.

Innovative Delivery

We offer collaborative legal services, ensuring efficiency and certainty through expertise in technology, projects, knowledge and research

A Culture of Innovation

We empower our team to explore innovative ways of services delivery, anticipating and addressing evolving client needs.

Tailored, Adaptive Solutions

Our teams collaborate to deliver tailored solutions by integrating legal tech, streamlining processes and ensuring innovation aligns with each cleint's business dynamics.

Client-Centric Innovation

Our innovation is client-centric, ensuring seamless alignment with client objectives. This approach reflects our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Alternative Resourcing

We go beyond convention, offering alternative resourcing and pushing the boundaries of traditional legal practice through unconventional ideas and groundbreaking solutions.








What Our Clients Say

  • Bowyard Partners exceeded our expectations in supporting our operations and project portfolio with cutting-edge legal services. They have an impeccable understanding of the energy industry and strategic counsel were instrumental in our success. Highly recommended.

    Prof. Shehu Hassan
    CEO, Transaxis Energy Ltd
  • Bowyard Partners proved indispensable in our infrastructure ventures. Their legal insights and dedicated support streamlined our projects, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. Exceptional professionalism and results.

    Dr. Abbas Usman
    CEO, Zircon Investment Ltd
  • Bowyard Partners emerged as a vital legal ally for our tech initiatives. Their deep understanding of technology law and agile approach facilitated our business objectives. Truly a reliable and innovative legal partner.

    Haruna Zango
    CTO, Comprehensive Software Solutions Ltd